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How Mercury Retrograde Ending Affects Your Kids, According To Astrology

I was witnessing how Mercury retrograde ending affects kids. THANK YOU, UNIVERSE. Get ready for an easier mom life, my friends, because Mercury retrograde ending means things are about to significantly improve on the home front. Astrology King explains that astrologically speaking Mercury controls all things related to communication, technology, traveling, and business transactions. So when Mercury is in retrograde , or appears to travel backwards in the sky, those areas of your life can become discombobulated. For your kids that can mean toddler tantrums, their electronic devices not working, and more difficulty transitioning during any small, or large, life-changes. According to Astrology Zone, when Mercury gets it's act together and starts traveling on a forward path — called Mercury direct — you can plan on experiencing better communication, easier transitions, and less conflict in your relationships. For kids, this might mean having better communication skills — using their words and listening to you for a change — and an easier time trying new things, like going back to school or starting a school year for the very first time. If the last three weeks have just seemed off or full of conflict, miscommunication, and silly mistakes, you probably aren't alone.

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