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I spend four hours alone in the menswear department, unpacking boxes of garish shorts and ผ้าปูที่นอน veloute placing them on hangers. It is a new low point. Since the company collapsed, the administrators have cut day-to-day running costs ชุดเครื่องนอน jessica by, among other things, no longer paying the royalty fees required to play music over the shop speakers. The deafening silence somehow makes what is already a fairly depressing atmosphere considerably worse. It was previously possible to gauge, to some extent, the financial health of BHS through the music that was played in its stores. When I first started in late 2007, it was a mix of contemporary chart stuff along with golden oldies. Shortly before the first wave of rumours began circulating that Green was looking to offload the company, the playlist switched to almost entirely forgotten 80s pop songs (Howard Jones, anyone?). This continued until Chappell took over. The big-name chart songs returned to the playlist for a while, only to be replaced shortly before we went into administration with amateurish atrocities performed by people who I would imagine describe themselves as “semi-professional musicians”. Now, in the silence, I listen to customers moan that they can’t find anything they want to buy or that everything’s overpriced, while in the same breath saying how sad they are that we’re closing down.

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