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As you may have heard, the pocketlessness of modern womenswear is rooted in sexism , and the inconvenience of this serves only to เสื้อคู่ virgin spawn further inconveniences (were looking at you, clutches ). However, for some women, the absence of pockets is more than a nuisance: It significantly affects their ability to get dressed every morning . For diabetic women who wear insulin เสื้อครอบครัว 4 คน ราคาถูก pumps, skirts and dresses that dont have pockets are especially problematic. Without one, women have to clip the Game Boy-shaped device on the waistband of a skirt (many of which are too flimsy to adequately support it), and dresses, particularly anything slim-fitting, are almost out of the question. So whether youre looking for a way to discreetly conceal your insulin pump (or Game Boy!) or youre just sick of the patriarchal world in which you have to hold your phone every time you stand up, here are a few skirts and dresses with plenty of pockets to stick your stuff in. View photos Everlane E2 Flare Dress ($88) More Everlane is known for its use of high-quality fabrics, so you can expect these pockets to be sturdy minimal pulling and sagging. Both of the above options are perfect for work: theyre sleek, professional, and not too tight. The Japanese GoWeave Sleeveless V-Neck Dress ($98) would be great for casual weekend wear too, while the E2 Flare Dress ($88) could easily be dressed up for more formal occasions. (For dresses like this, you can cut a tiny hole inside the pocket to run the tubing from an insulin pump to the insertion site. Tight spandex shorts under the dress can work, too.) View photos

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Forbes headline: The art of online apologies and why Elizabeth Lauten failed miserably at hers. Time Magazine published an article: Elizabeth Lauten still doesnt seem to get how she dehumanized young black girls on Facebook. SEE ALSO: 10 reasons why Trump should hate the media So yes, after the media frenzy, Ms. Lauten, who was a communications director for a GOP legislator, was forced to resign. So where I ask is the media outrage over the cruel, viral comments made about 10-year-old Barron Trump? As his father was getting sworn into office, Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich tweeted: Barron will be this countrys first homeschool shooter. After coming under fire from other Twitter users, Ms. Rich deleted her offensive tweet and closed her account and yet, as far as we know, shes still employed by NBC. No apology was even issued. Ms. Rich made her comments on the heels of Rosie ODonnell, who in November accused Barron of being เสื้อ แม่ ลูก ราคา ถูก autistic, based on pure speculation. But Ms. Rich wasnt the only one trying to be funny on Twitter by disparaging Barron.

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