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But time to do what? He has already alienated many of our allies, not by insisting that our needs should come first, butby making it clear their interests are irrelevant. Our new ambassador to the United Nations announced that if others dont do our bidding, we will be taking names. The sheer arrogance of it all. If left unchecked, our new leader will destroy decades of constructive diplomacy in a matter of months. There is a misguided belief that a new Trump will emerge once he feels the weight of the presidency, but this is wishful thinking that, if engaged in long enough, will prove disastrous. Trump is 70 years old and not about to change his ways, which have gotten him to where he is. He was more info here born with a platinum spoon in his mouth. Born on third base, he thinks he hit a home run.Trump learned to bully people from his mentor, Roy Cohn, Joe McCarthys right hand man who, more than any other human being during the Red Scare, ruined the lives of so many innocent people, including some of Hollywoods most talented. Why anybody would expect him to change now defies logic. Trump acts like a gunslinger drunk on power. His attention span is 140 characters, and he gives little thought to anything before taking action, least of all to how his words and actions will impact fellow human beings. His modus operandi reverses the traditional order of everything as he shouts, Ready, Fire, Aim! His attacks on the press are never ending. No dictator likes a free press, and Trump is no different.

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