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Francois Fillon, former French prime minister and member of Les Republicains political party, delivers  his speech in Paris, France, November 27, 2016. REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer "There's a lot of bosses backing Fillon." With proposals to shrink the public sector and spending by cutting 500,000 civil service jobs and reducing unemployment benefits, critics have characterized Fillon as a man who threatens France's cherished welfare system. Fillon's plans to cut public spending to 49 percent of output by 2022 would still leave it well above the current OECD average of 45 percent. Nonetheless the conservative, who lives in a Loire valley chateau, makes an easy target for hardline unions eager to show that they remain relevant after years of declining influence. "When workers are not happy, and retired people are not happy, they go on strike, factories have to shut," the head of the CGT union Philippe Martinez said. "When a majority of workers are on strike the economy suffers." Though he insists he will not water his plans down, on Monday, Fillon retreated on prime time television from a suggestion he would privatize basic healthcare. FISCAL FUDGE With spending cuts coming gradually after the tax cuts, Fillon accepts that the initial strain on the budget means he will have to tear up the current government's plans to cut the deficit to less than 3 percent of output next year. Instead, his program would let the deficit balloon to as much as 4.7 percent of GDP next year before gradually coming down as tax cuts gradually lift the overall growth rate. France's partners in Berlin have not forgotten that a similar fiscal strategy by Sarkozy at the start of his term left the French finances vulnerable when the financial crisis struck in 2008-2009. EU Economics Commissioner Pierre Moscovici, a French Socialist close to Hollande, has said he would not cut Fillon any slack for overshooting the 3 percent target. Playing in Fillon's favor is an emerging international consensus, including at the European Commission, supporting looser fiscal policy as long as it helps growth. The OECD estimates that near record-low borrowing rates mean France like other countries can afford some fiscal slack after years of sweating to rein in the finances.

Throngs of shoppers lined up at Macys Herald Square in Manhattan for its evening opening, looking for deals, and Target estimated hundreds were waiting outside a store in Jersey City, New Jersey. The competition to grab customers first is keen. Its manic. Its crazy, but it is fun, said Maria Elfes of Sydney, Australia, who was at Macys. It was her seventh visit to New York but her first time shopping on Thanksgiving. Lots of stores are offering the same deals as in previous years, such as $19.99 boots that remain a big attraction, cashmere sweaters, and sheets. For some shoppers, ชุด นอน น่า รัก ลาย การ์ตูน electronics at a discount was the draw. Televisions, man, televisions. Beautiful big screens so I can watch sports, said William Junkin, a recently retired longshoreman shopping at Best Buy in Howell, New Jersey. Im hoping ราคา ชุด คอส เพล ย์ to buy two of them, and I saw they had some real good prices, so maybe Ill splurge on some other stuff as well. Martin McDuffie, 34, came to a Wal-Mart in suburban Columbia, South Carolina, for just one thing a 60-inch TV for $398.

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