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Updated Guidelines For Locating Elements For Nightwear

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Image copyright Lindsey Farquhar Image caption Lindsey takes wire and pliers on to the train to create wire wrapped jewellery "Then I started drawing and painting. I put together a little travel kit that I could take on the train. "Very soon, my friends at work were asking about my crafting and family and friends were chatting about it on Facebook. "The train guards started talking to me about my projects too. They stopped to talk about their families and friends. "Thank goodness they always remind me when it's time to get off!" Image copyright Lindsey Farquhar Image caption She has put together a train-friendly creative travel kit Berenice Baker says sketching helps her unwind during her one-hour commute on the London Overground. Image copyright Berenice Baker Image caption Berenice Baker's favourite things to sketch ชุด ห้อง นอน index 2012 are animals and landscapes "I began sketching last year as I felt the need to unleash my creative side," said the 49-year-old who works in social media for a recruitment consultant. "Sketching means I can relax and not worry about the day ahead until I sit at my desk, then it helps me unwind when I'm on my way home. Image copyright Berenice Baker Image caption This banquet scene was sketched from a photograph "I keep a pocket sketchbook, pen and pencil in my commuting rucksack.